Docker Stack with the official ElasticSearch, Kibana

I've added demo docker stack my github. For this stack I've set my memory allocation for Docker to 8gb because ElasticSearch is using a significant amount of memory. Initially I had it set to 2gb but ElasticSearch does not even start! You can try 4gb first and see.

Anyway, included in the stack are the ff.:

  • ElasticSearch 5.6.1 (official one with xpack disabled)
  • Kibana 5.6.1 (disabled xpack and created a custom image)
  • Sample SpringBoot microservice
  • MongoDB - latest
  • Portainer - latest

I had to build a custom docker image of Kibana based on the official one due to this bug. The workaround was to remove xpack to disable authentication. I tried to add this for Kibana but it didn't work. It did work for ElasticSearch though.


Just do a docker pull melvindave/kibana if you want to try it out. Otherwise, you can use the docker compose definition.


You can copy the updated compose file from my github repo.